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              Welcome to Ningbo Chaori Hydraulic.Co.Ltdofficial website!
              Telephone: +8613208083169
              Chaori Hot products
            1. 23QDF Electromagnetic Valve
              1.Introduction: The 23QDF6 and 24QDF6 solenoid ball valves are used in 2-way cartridge valve...
            2. LQDCF type cooling solenoid valve
              1.General Description LQDCF type cooling solenoid valve used for automation control, like li...
            3. JZFS type High pressure stop valve
            4. Q*INS type high pressure ball valve
            5. YJF(JZF) series high pressure stop valve
            6. JZQ type high pressure ball valve
            7. CJZQ type high pressure ball valve
            8. YJZQ type high pressure ball valve
            9. QJH series high pressure ball valve
            10. 2 position 3 way ball valve
            11. High pressure ball valve
            12. Plate ball valve
            13. Check Valve DIF、A-H series straight-through type、A
              1.General Description Non-return valve, also called Check valve, is used in hydraulic system...
            14. KF type pressure gauge switch
              一、General Description KF type pressure gauge switch is a small stop valve or throttle valve, is ...
            15. CRQ41F compact low pressure ball valve
              2.Introduction: This valve is designed using Italian technology and is used in various pi...
            16. Q11F series low pressure ball valve
            17. About us Chaori

              Ningbo Chaori Hydraulic.Co.Ltd  is located in Xikou Town, Fenghua, Ningbo, a national 5A scenic tourist area. Founded in 1978, it covers an area of 15,000 square meters and is a professional design in China. The enterprises that manufacture accumulators and their supporting hydraulic components and complete sets of hydraulic ......

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              Use Of Accumulator
                蓄能器的作用主要有以下幾種:    一、儲存能量/Energy Storage 蓄能器廣泛應用在輔助能源。一方面儲存由泵間歇輸出的液壓油,一方面對間歇負荷釋放大于泵...

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